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Welcome To Mabel’s Table

Welcome to Mabel’s Table

Our table linens and our newly launched web presence are, in essence, about beauty. As we design our linens and consider how they function, we first approach it with our love of fabric and color. Looking closer, we see our linens as a part of the culinary experience, as a part of one’s daily traditions and personal surroundings.

Setting a beautiful table becomes a ritual when we realize beauty is an important part of the meal. We offer the ethereal photos by Anna Jaap on our homepage to capture that notion. We commissioned the Nashville artist to come to Santa Fe to work with us, because we trusted that Anna would capture the soul of Mabel’s Table. The spirited work of personal chef and food writer, Mark Oppenheimer, helps us tell you our story. Hard work, creativity and a strong design sense was providentially brought to us by our web designer, Allison Rae.

Find out more about our company and products by visiting our news space. We are a business that cares deeply about our products and how these textiles can reflect the beauty that is already your own.

From our studio in Santa Fe, May 2019
The Anthropologist and the Artist,
Holly & Diane

Photographs by Anna Jaap

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